Our church, our history and beliefs

Our Clergy

Rev. Bogumil Czaja, Pastor
Deacon Jonathan Meus
Deacon Wayne Stolpa

About the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC)

Organized in 1897, the Polish National Catholic Church was formed to satisfy the spiritual needs of Polish immigrants throughout the Northeast and Midwest. The PNCC now ministers to people of many ethnic backgrounds. It is the Doctrine of the church that draws us together, not our individual ethnic origins.

We are Really Catholic

Jesus Christ is the founder of the Catholic (i.e. Universal) Church. We accept the teachings of the first four Councils of the Undivided Church, which emphasizes the Catholicity of the National Catholic Church.

We are an Apostolic Church

Our church follows in Apostolic Succession from the Apostles, along with our sister churches, the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. This simply means that all three Catholic churches are separate but equal, mutually recognizing the validity of each others’ priesthood, sacraments and the mass.

We are a Democratic Church

The governing body of our Church is the Synod, composed of both clerical and lay representation. Bishops are elected by the Synod. The spiritual leader of our Church is the Prime Bishop, Most Reverend Anthony A. Mikovsky, who was elected at the Synod. The priests and bishops of the Church are permitted to marry. At the parish level, the parish members are in control of the churches buitl and maintained by them. A committee of parish members elected annually by and accountable to the congregation controls the parish finances and manages the church property.

Worship of our Church

We celebrate the Holy Mass in English and Polish languages. Holy Communion is distributed directly into the mouth. Stations of the Cross, Lamentations and Litanies are also part of the spiritual worship of the Church.

What does Prawdą, Pracą, Walką mean?

Truth, Struggle, Work – the motto of the Polish National Catholic Church